Iridium 9555 Satellite phone system for sale in Corona, Arizona


Absolutely PERFECT condition Sat phone for communications throughout the world. When I used it, never even took the factory protective plastic off the phone. Satellite phone plans run around $35 per month for the activation, $1.20 per minute to talk and $.50 per text message. Yes, you can call to routine mobile phone. Yes, they can call you. This phone isn't really developed for you to speak with your buddies for hours or you will certainly be broke. It is designed to be used ANYWHERE in the world with no distortion. Sat phones work off of industrial satellites, not repeaters. Consists of the following:.
Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone.
Hands-free Docking Station.
15ft Magnetic Antenna.
AC Travel Charger.
International Plug Kit.
DC Auto Adapter.
Hands-free Earpiece.
Leather Holster.
Auxiliary Antenna.
Antenna Adapter.
Rechargeable Battery.
Mini-USB Cable.
CD-ROM Data Kit.
Personalized Quick Reference Guide.
Users Manual.
You need to have a legitimate credit card in order to trigger the phone through
text or call to . DEFINITELY no offers below $1100, as this system goes for $2000.