Black Max and Littleton Lead Shot Making Machines with a lot of extras for sale in Corona, Arizona


I have a customized made Lead shot making machine with a lot of extras for sale. It has a Black Max 220 volt lead shot device with double shot drippers in both size 71/2 shot and size 8 lead shot drippers. The bolts on the end of the device are drilled to drop two pieces of shot at a time and when the device is running they drop about 40 to 50 pieces of shot a 2nd. The setup likewise includes a Littleton 110 Volt machine with double drippers size 8 lead shot likewise if you have 110 volts only. Either device bolts to the stand and tank system that makes use of low-cost typical liquid laundry soap to drop the shot in after it comes down the ramp from the machine. The set up consists of EVERYTHING you have to make terrific lead chance at a fraction of the expense of buying shot in your area. You walk around to the small tire stores in the area and purchase utilized wheel weights at about 40 to 70 cents a pound and melt them down in the plumbing professionals furnace, skim off the steel clips and dross on the surface area of the molten lead and then pour the clean molten lead into muffin pans and other round metal molds that are included. After cooling the clean lead biscuits are positioned into the lead machine where they melt and the shot begins to run down the lubricated shoot into the liquid soap where a basket holds the formed shot until you have about 25 to 35 pounds (The image shows the liquid soap tank low today however you full of liquid soap until the level of soap is within 1/2 inch from leading when you begin machine-it gettings been sitting for a few months and not made use of so it vaporizes). You then turn off the machine and let the shot stop dropping and remove the basket from the liquid soap tank and let drain. Aftr draining you wash shot run thru the strainer which separates any non best shot( which you re melt and utilize once more) after you strain shot you place on drying out screens and let dry. I have graphite which you can topple with but the shot works excellent as wants drying out and read to install. It cost you about 12.00 a 25 pound bag if you make it verses 48.00 a 25 pound bag if you purchase it. That implies you can make 100 lbs of home made shot for each 25 lb bag you purchase the weapon establishment. It include everything you require to consist of the plumbing technicians heating system, tank, extra propane tank with burner to assist keep the lead nozzles streaming, both devices, the stand, tank, additional furnace to melt scrap lead, muffin pans and molds to make lead biscuits for machine, 2 shot drying out screens, shot separator to clean shot you made, spoons, graphite for shot, gloves and 4 or 5 ammunition cans packed with scrap lead wheel weights prepared to melt into nice tough shot. If you do much shotgun shooting like I did it actually pays to make your own shot so you can spend your money shooting even more clays and less on expensive shot from the store. Call if you have any questions! I have more than 1200.00 invested and the 220 Volt Black Max was 550.00 alone. Go on to You tube and type in" the much better shot maker" and you will see about the Black Max Shot making machines and see on your own how easy and fun it is to do while conserving a lot of cash while doing it. I am moving and can't take with me or I would as I enjoy to do it. Call Mike @

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